The Tutor Group provides guidance and service to a select group of successful families and businesses.  We focus on developing individualized strategies that are unbiased and always in the client's best interests.  Areas of focus include:  investment management, retirement planning strategies, estate planning strategies, business advisory consulting, and liability/debt management.

We began building our team with one purpose in mind – your best interests.  At the team's inception, we deeply assessed each other's values, investment philosophies, and experience to align the right combination of experience and talent.  And today, we continue to engage in healthy debate and collaboration.  Without ego, we strive to get the best results and exceed your expectations.

Though clients often choose us for our overall wealth management acumen, we look beyond the traditional guidance and take a much more expansive view of our role – we are true relationship managers. 
We commit to obtaining the greatest possible understanding of you, your family,
business and personal priorities, as well as your financial picture.

Applying our deep experience to working within Stifel's extensive investment platforms,
we are not only well-positioned to provide highly customized guidance, but to directly access
and execute strategies with ease and efficiency.

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