Our Process

Stifel’s wealth management process consists of six steps that help get an overview of your current situation, choices available, and what must be done to pursue goals.  The process involves gathering relevant financial information, determining your organization’s goals, examining current financial status, and formulating a strategy or plan for how to work toward goals given the current situation and future plans.

The Tutor Group Stifel Southfield, Michigan Our Process
Taking Control

Assess Your Financial Situation

•  Take inventory of assets, including retirement plans
•  Evaluate your income stream


Define Your Goals

•  Buying a house
•  Investing for college education
•  Saving for retirement


Calculate Funds Needed

•  Inflation
•  Risk tolerance


Create a Portfolio to Address Your Investment Goals

•  Allocate funds among appropriate investment categories


Monitor Portfolio

•  Respond to changes in objectives
•  Fundamental changes in portfolio (values)